Thursday, 10 July 2014

I met Seahawks in Vancouver!

Hey everyone! What did you guys do last weekend?
Usually I wake up at around noon on weekends but I had to get up at 7am last Saturday because my supervisor asked me to work on that day even though it was my day off. I was so upset :<
But fortunately it wasn't office work. The work I had to do was to go to the Seattle Seahawks 12Tour! Seahawks are now touring in cities across the state of Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest, celebrating the 2013 championship season and getting you 12’s ready for the upcoming season. So they came to West Vancouver last Saturday.
There were many event booths such as the gift roulette and the photo zone where the NFL Championship Trophy was on display. SFU football and GSL football were also there too. There were also mascots from the Seahawks, Lions and even Canucks walking around the field so people took pictures with them. Some of little girls learned cheerleading performances from Seagals the field. It was pretty cute.

There were also some interactive activities we could do ourselves so I gave it a try. As I mentioned on my first post, I'm not an athletic person (that's why I'm planning to be a sports reporter instead of sports player) but I like playing sports. In addition, I've worked for 7 weeks with Football BC and I have watched some football games so I wanted to figure out how it is hard to play football.
Before trying the activities, I played catch football (throwing the ball) for practice. I used to play catch baseball with my daddy but I've never thrown or caught a football. I thought it wouldn't that hard because I enjoyed baseball catch. However, it was totally different. A football has a very different shape compared with other balls so I had no idea how to grab or throw it. Also the ball was bigger and heavier than I thought. I also tried to check my jump ability. It was really easy to reach the highest point (because it was for kids).

After that, I tried the activities. The first activity was to throw the football into a hole. It looked like easy but when I threw the ball it went the other way. So I went closer and closer but kept missing. So finally I threw the ball into the hole right in front of it. I also tried to kick a field goal and it was terrible. As I mentioned the ball was heavy and hard to kick so I couldn't even make the ball get off the ground. Lastly I tried rushing. The activity let two people wear jackets connected by a line and try to outrun each other. I couldn't go further than my friend because it required speed and power. After doing these things I figured out being a football player is totally hard and isn't for me. I think I'll stick to being a sports reporter.
The 12 Tour wasn't the only thing happening that day. There was also a private camp for kids being run by Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the champion of the Seattle Seahawks. At the break time I saw many people who wanted to get Wilson's autograph. They also had the time to take pictures together and have a short Q&A time with Russell. There were a lot of parents around the field and I think they were more excited than the kids were to see Russell.
I don't really know much about football teams and I've never seen the NFL before so I had no idea how great or famous Russell is. But even though I don't know who Russell is but I can understand what an honour it is to meet a superstar quarterback. It would be like meeting the clean up hitter or ace pitcher of my favorite baseball team for me.

In Korea we also have sports camps which are held by famous players. Some of the players make sports foundations and camps that support and teach kids, and some of the players visit their old school and teach their juniors. I've only heard of these visits in the news so being at the Russell Wilson camp was the first time I got to actually see one of the athlete camps for kids. I might not be able to understand what a great experience it was but watching the kids I can see this was just a wonderful opportunity for them. They could learn a lot from him not only as a player but as a person who shares the same goals in life.
I wish Korea had more sports camps so that kids can experience and learn more, and I hope Korea grows many good players and Korean sports will develop.
Who knows maybe one day there will be a famous Korean football player and he will have a camp at West Vancouver. If it happens I will come here again!

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