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Football BC needs a mascot!

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?
I was sick last week so I just had to take a break for couple of days. But I'm happy to be back with my new post.
After uploading my last post, I was under stress to come up with the next topic. At that time we were talking in the office about making a Football BC mascot so I decided to write about mascots for my new blog post.
If you were a sports fan growing up, you probably had your picture taken at the stadium with a mascot when you were young. Or you might have toy mascots or mascot posters at home. The role of mascots is to make the game more fun for fans by doing slapstick comedy during the game and interacting with fans.
The baseball team I support in Korea is 'Lotte Giants'. Their mascot is a sea gull. Aren't you curious what relationship a giant and a sea gull have? That's because the Lotte Giants' hometown is Busan city and Busan has beach so there are a lot of sea gulls in the city.
Besides the Lotte Giants, there are eight more baseball teams in the Korean baseball league and each team has their own mascot. There is a Lion, a Bear, a Dinosaur... and one team even has Twins.

The mascots of Lotte Giants
Twins mascots

As many of you know, every CFL team has their own mascot as well. Let's meet some of them.
- BC Lions

The BC Lions have a Lion mascot named Leo. When I first saw him, I was curious about his gender because he doesn't have mane. But I researched and figured out that Leo is from the North Shore mountain and mountain lions don't have manes even though they are male. I only knew African lions before so learning this was interesting.

- Edmonton Eskimos

The Edmonton Eskimos have two mascots, one is a football whose name is Punter and the other is a polar bear named Nanook. Punter looks little bit weird and it reminds me a M&M chocolate. I think Nanook is quite simple and normal as a mascot.

- Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Roughriders' mascot is Gainer, a gopher. Is a gopher rough enough? I think a gopher doesn't match with Roughriders because it is so small and cute. Of course don't tell that to Saskatchewan fans!

- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The mascots of the Blue Bombers are Buzz and Boomer the birds. A bomber is a military aircraft used to drop bombs. So Blue Bombers mascot Buzz and Boomer are wearing a goggles like pilots. They look like comedy cartoon character. I think I saw characters similar to them on TV or in comic books.

- Calgary Stampeders

The mascot of Calgary Stampeders is Ralph, a dog. I guessed Calgary's mascot would be a horse because their symbol is a horse. However, surprisingly it was a DOG. Which connection they have between stampeders and a dog or their symbol? Well, I have no idea. But they also have a horse whose name is Quick Six. When Calgary scores a touchdown, the horse along with the rider celebrate by running on the sideline.


- Hamilton Tiger Cats

The Hamilton Tiger Cats' mascots are T.C. and Stripes the tiger. They look like a Cheetos(snack) tiger. Oh, that's my favorite snack. They make me hungry!

- Toronto Argonauts

The mascot of the Toronto Argonauts is Jason. He looks like a warrior. Maybe it expresses argonauts or people who are strong and brave.

- Ottawa Redblacks

Ottawa Redblacks have a lumberjack whose name is Big Joe as a team mascot. He is wearing red and black checked shirt and has an ax. Actually his name was Big Joe Mufferaw at first, but the Redbalcks removed Mufferaw because of criticism from the Francophone community.

- Montreal Alouettes

The Alouettes' mascots are Touché and Blitz the birds. They are grey birds and it is similar to the bird on the Alouettes' logo. Personally, I don't like black or gray birds because they are scary. So I'm not interested in these characters. Sorry about that.
Having a mascot is a good way to promote the team and attract new fans. For this reason, Football BC wants to come up with a mascot to represent Team BC and Football BC.
Here are my three suggestions for Team BC mascots.
1. Black bears
When I researched about BC animals, the first thing I saw was black bears. The black bear is a native to North America and there are a lot of black bears in BC as well so it can be a representative animal of BC. I think a mascot should represent or explain the team and hometown so black bears might be the one. Also bears are big and heavy so we can say Team BC is strong and tough like black bears.
2. Coyotes
When I think of coyotes I think of an animal that is wild and fast. I've never seen coyotes before I came to Canada but I saw one when I was driving near Coquitlam. I thought coyotes would look like foxes or wild dogs and that they would be cute. However when I saw the coyote, it was night and I could stare into his eyes. His eyes were sharp and scary. After that my idea of coyotes was changed. Anyways, I think a coyote would be a good mascot as well. We can see coyotes normally in BC. Also they look tough enough to be a football team mascot.
3. A human
Besides animals, a human can be a mascot as well like Rowdy of the Dallas Cowboys or Pat Patriot of the New England Patriots in NFL. If Team BC makes a mascot as a human character, how should it be look like? Well, he should be a big and muscular looks strong. And of course he wears the Team BC jersey. If I pick the face his face can be like Andrew Harris of the BC Lions. He looks strong and especially I like his beard. A mascot needs a distinct feature.

How do you think of my suggestions? If you have another opinion you can tell me anytime. I want to hear your ideas.

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