Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Football season is about to start!

Hi, everyone! How are you?
I can’t believe it’s already the second week of June. Time flies! I just have 70 days more before going back to Korea. I should enjoy Vancouver as much as I can for last days. If you know any good places, restaurants or any other things I should do before I go back, please let me know. I’m planning things to do, place to go.

Of course one of those activities is watching football game at BC Place.
Football season is finally about to start and I can understand how football fans are excited and looking forward to watching it. I feel the same way for baseball season!
I’m so excited to go to watch football as well because I’ve never been to a football stadium.

Even before I go I have some expectations about what I will get to see.
First, I will see fabulous players in the flesh:-) I enjoy watching American dramas, and there are some football player characters in the dramas. It’s hard to see football players in Korea so I have always been curious and wanting to see them.

The second thing is drinking!XD It’s my favorite (but don’t tell my boss!). You may not believe, actually I’m a big ‘beer person’. When I go watch baseball in Korea I always drink beer and eat fried chicken. It’s necessary.

Of course I said these things just to make you laugh! (It’s true though…)

Actually I have some images of ‘Football’ in my head.

1.     I think the quarterback is always handsome. As I mentioned before, I enjoy American dramas and there are some football player characters. All of them are handsome and they are almost always quarterbacks. As you know I’ve been watching some football movies (if you don't know about it, you can read my previous post ☞ Let's be 'RUDY'!) and usually quarterbacks are the main characters and they are of course handsome as well. I know it’s ridiculous but my concept of quarterbacks is like that… I’m looking forward to seeing them.

This is my concept of quarterback... Oh Finn!

2.     I think football players are very tough and they will fight just like hockey players. I haven’t seen hockey games either, (OMG what did I do for 10 month in Van!) but I watched many hockey fights even when the players don’t always bump into each other. On the other hand, football players have to crash into each other all the time! I’m sure they will fight on the field after every whistle.

3.     I think scoring is hard in football. To score, offenses have to carry a ball and all the defenses have to do is tackle and block them. Blocking seems easier than carrying the ball.

4.     I think football fans would drink a lot at the stadium. I think Canadians like beer very much and I’ve seen many people watch sports game in pubs drinking beers. So I think it would be the same at the stadium.

5.     Lastly, I think football fans would be tough on the players. If the home team makes a mistake or the opponent tackles, fans probably get upset and jeer at the players. I’m just like that when I watch a baseball game… in Korea some really enthusiastic fans shout bad words to players, (yes, that’s me) or sometimes fight with rival team fans. I think Canadians are more enthusiastic and tougher than Koreans so I expect there are so many bad words, jeering, and fighting among the fans.

These are my own thoughts about football. I should go to BC Place ASAP to see if these are right or not.
Now I’m really looking forward to going there. I can’t wait! Also please let me know what I should bring to enjoy more the game:3

This is BC Place game schedule. I’m going to go on June 22 and hopefully more. If you go on the same day as me, please comment me! I’d love to meet my readers<3

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