Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Football fans! I want to know you

Hello, everyone! It’s Hayley again. How are you?

I know this is football blog, but I’m writing about baseball today because I had a chance to go see Mariners vs Rangers game in Seattle last weekend!

There is a Korean player on the Texas Rangers so I chose to watch that match. His name is Shinsoo Choo and he is third hitter for the Rangers. He played in America after graduating high school and he has been playing as a major leaguer since 2005.
This wasn’t my first time watching MLB. I went to a Blue Jays game when I was younger in Toronto. But at that time I didn’t care for baseball and I didn’t like it much. So I wasn’t that impressed watching it.

However, now, as a girl who is crazy about baseball I know how great the experience watching Major League is. MLB is the biggest baseball league in the world and everyone believes MLB players are the best so watching it in the stadium is a cool experience. There are not many Koreans to get to watch the MLB in person so I was really excited.

Furthermore, it is rare experience to see Choo play because he debuted in America so we’ve never seen him play in Korea. He has become popular so I was very proud to see him.

He is Choo! I saw him!

As I told you, when I go to watch baseball I always drink beer and eat chicken so I also bought it in stadium. BUT, they gave me just three pieces of chicken tenders! I couldn’t believe what I got for my $20 dinner. I expected Americans to eat a big burger or many burgers at the same time, even as a tiny girl I usually eat one whole chicken in Korea! Are they satisfied with that? No way! But beer was good so I let it pass.
But I loved seeing cotton candies because we don’t have it in Korea so it was very interesting and cute so I bought one (and my tongue became blue colored)

Anyways, I figured out some differences between American and Korean baseball stadiums.
We don’t have any dome stadiums in Korea yet so if it rains the game is canceled. I have experienced it many times and it is really annoying. When I went to the Safeco Field, it was also raining so I thought I was doomed. But suddenly the roof started to cover the stadium and I could watch the game without any problems. It was so so cool! Also, MLB used video review so if the result was not clear we could see it again through the stadium screen and the umpires changed their ruling according to it.

But the biggest difference was that MLB didn’t have cheerleaders and fans supported players just by clapping and shouting. In Korea, we have cheerleaders for every team and every team has short ‘chants’ for all of their players on the team. Fans sing the chants with cheerleaders to support the teams. So in Korea there are many people who go to the stadium because of cheering which is very exciting. If you have a chance to go to Korea, I really recommend you to go to a baseball stadium to see it.

But American fans seemed to support teams in different ways. They shouted players’ names, clapped rhythmically and when their supporting team scored they stood up and high fived or hugged each other.

Watching them, I wondered how football fans cheer players. I want to figure out differences between baseball fans and football fans. I haven’t been to watch football yet but I’m going to see it soon, so here are some of the things I’m curious about.

1.     Are there cheerleaders at football games? If so, when and how do they perform?
I know there are football cheerleaders in schools or colleges, but I don’t know if there are in professional leagues. If there are, I want to know when and how they perform. As I mentioned before we have baseball cheerleaders in Korea, they dance with K-pop every break time and they lead fans to cheer.

They are baseball cheerleaders in Korea.
Fans are all standing up and cheering the home team.

2.     When a player scores a touchdown, how do fans react?
In a baseball game hitters play one by one so we can support each player when they come to hit. But in football, everything happens at the same time so I’m wondering what I should focus on and who I should cheer for.

3.     When a player is tackled how do fans react?
In a baseball game it is rare to bump into each other so when players get hurt fans are upset at the player who caused it and worried about the player who gets hurt. However, in football, tackles always happen so I have no idea how the fans deal with it. Maybe they get upset because the team can’t score but I think they will not worry much because it happens often. I’m really curious about it.
4.     When the home team scores, how do fans react?
I think it will be almost the same as baseball. Fans will stand up, shout, toast or hug each other. Anyways, I want to see their reaction when the team scores.

The BC Lions have their first home game on Friday even though it’s a pre-season game and I’m looking forward to it! Finally I can solve my curiosities:)
Also I hope I can be friends with other fans supporting BC Lions. In Korea, we usually become friends with other fans cheering together even though we’ve never met before. So I expect that will happen in here as well!

I hope I see you there too!<3

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